Our Group

Prestigious status with effective management that has a history of development in several commercial, industrial and real estate activities for more than 50 years of experience

The Mission

Provide a distinct services depending on the long experience in the field of commercial, industry and real estate development that contribute to economic development

Business Units

Al Murjan practices its activities through the three main business units: Al Murjan Holding, Al Murjan Investment and Al Murjan Development

Al Murjan Investment

A subsidiary of Al Murjan, owns many land parcels and real estate in the cities and different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for investment.


Activity is the purchase, sale and development of land as well as the establishment of units and residential compounds, offices and commercial centers in different regions of the Kingdom.


The company is also working on the development and marketing, project management and real estate business owned by the company fundamentals and upon values of ancient and look towards outstanding investment innovation and an boundless prospects, and of the most important real estate owned by the company include:


  • Al Hajiran Residential Compound
  • Al Rawda Compound
  • Al Fanar Compound
  • Teatro Mall
  • Bohairat Project
  • Al Rawdah Tower

Al Murjan Holding

Belong to Al Murjan Group and includes many commercial, industrial companies and oversees all business investment and industrial as well as investments in securities and shares of leading companies in many areas of commercial, industrial and most important companies of Al Murjan Holding as follows:


  • Al Kawthar for Water Treatments
  • Balsam IT and Healthcare
  • United Company for Inks Production, Ltd
  • Key Rent a Car
  • Modern Furniture Company ID Design
  • Arabian Murjan Contracting Company